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Thread: wlan/ether bridge setup

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    Question wlan/ether bridge setup

    Browsing here and there I finally succeeded (well almost) in setting up my home-made router/firewall/filer/nameityougotit server. Everything seems to work (using ethernet or wireless connections) but I still have some questions:

    WAN: eth0
    LAN: eth1 and wlan0 are bridged (br0) together

    Question 1
    I am unable to play games using UDP between wlan and eth1 although it works when both stations are connected to eth1. Any clue?

    Question 2
    I used ufw to help me setup IPTables but I am not really happy with this tools. Since my network configuration must be quite common, could anyone point me to a regular IPtable setup script or give me the rules I should add?


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    Re: wlan/ether bridge setup

    I autoreply to my question:
    The solution to the filtering between eth1 and wlan0 (bridged together) can be found on the linux foundation bridge FAQ

    No traffic gets trough (except ARP and STP)

    Your kernel might have ethernet filtering (ebtables, bridge-nf, arptables) enabled, and traffic gets filtered. The easiest way to disable this is to go to /proc/sys/net/bridge. Check if the bridge-nf-* entries in there are set to 1; in that case, set them to zero and try again.
    # cd /proc/sys/net/bridge
    # ls
    bridge-nf-call-arptables bridge-nf-call-iptables
    bridge-nf-call-ip6tables bridge-nf-filter-vlan-tagged
    # for f in bridge-nf-*; do echo 0 > $f; done

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