Hi everyone. I am new and I am noob. I got a laptop, Toshia Satellite A665-S6095, from my sister as Xmas gift. I messed up with the recovery partition (I mistake these partition as free unused space before knowing myself that it was used to store the system image for factory settings restore).So I couldn't have used Toshia Recovery Media Creator.Also, my sister did'nt buy me any rescovery plan, so I got my laptop unrecovered. Then this morning, my sister's son came by and play game on my laptop when i was away. He messed it up. When I got home, turned on my laptop it can't boot up the operations, i mean, the Windows 7. Now my laptop is bricked.Anyone help me restore my laptop plz. I don't have Windows 7 disc. Can I recover my laptop using recovery discs(sell in office depot, my sister bought the laptop there). Anyone with the discs can share it for me plz. I am so dead now.