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Thread: Numpad stopped working

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    So basically I have an Acer laptop (5737Z) and my dog took a short walk through my keys. After that my numpad keys stopped working. When the numpad is off they function as arrow keys and some other functions and when numlock on they are numeric keys.
    Now they work only in a vt

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    Re: Numpad stopped working

    Go to:
    1) System
    2) Preferences
    3) Keyboard
    4) Switch to tab “Mouse Keys”
    5) Uncheck “Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard”
    6) Done.

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    wow holly crap i could not for the life of turn this offf for like 6 mounths i have been trying to fix my num pad and for some reason i could not figure this out it also was annoying me so much that i couldent use my numpad i was going to FORMAT ......but im so glad i stopped at this thread i fell kinda dumb but who cares cuz its all cool
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