Thanks for this info! I also worried that I wouldn't be able to put linux on this laptop for my wife.

A couple things:

  1. Everyone who wants linux on this laptop should ask Ralink to incorporate their drivers into the mainline kernel so things will "just work" rather than have to manually setup the driver (and repeat the process for each kernel upgrade).
  2. I also have Ubuntu 10.10 on this laptop. Whenever I reboot, the laptop's wireless is disabled (as indicated by a red light on the F12 key). I don't know if this is a hardware or software default (or both). Does anyone else's work this way? Is there a way to have the laptop's wireless automatically enabled upon reboot?
  3. I use WPA2 to secure my network, and I do not broadcast my SSID. Ubuntu 10.10 does not seem to automatically connect to (or even list) my wireless network in Network Manager upon reboot. Each time, I have to go back and forth between enabling/disabling the laptop's wireless (Fn + F12) and instructing Ubuntu to connect to my network (Network Manager -> Connect to hidden wireless network).
    Basically, does anyone's linux install on this laptop "just work" w/ regards to wireless connectivity?

Thanks again for your help.