Hey Ubuntu-users

I'm very new to Linux and this forum and i really like the idea of a free OS and the community with helping each other. I'm willing to learn and testing in case others will need the information i'll collect. This christmas vacation i have to study, and found my old Dell Inspiron 630m laptop all covered in dust and want it to work again. I only need it for writing, searching on the web, and listen to some music. I have installed windows several times on a computer, and installing ubuntu won't be a problem.

I've done some research the last few hours if my laptop will run with ubuntu, without any luck so far. I do know that ubuntu works on several Dell computers, but i'm not sure if it will work specifcly on Inspiron 630m. I noticed other OS like xubuntu and kubuntu, and that those OS will
work diffrently depending on the computer's setup. I'm not sure which OS i should pick for my laptop and if my hardware will work either. I know that it can be guaranteed that my hardwares will work. I hope any of you could guide me a bit about what OS i should pick? That's my question. I have downloaded the newest version of SIW to collect date of what my laptop might contain. But i'm still not sure what information i should post? I do know what a processor, memory, graphic card, and harddrive is, but other numbers are shown that i'm not familiar with.

I'm still not sure if this threat is placed corretly, please corret me if i've placed it wrong so i can get it transfered. Any help will be much appreciated!