Thanks for the script and the help you give to the community. The very clear comments in the script were very helpful in refreshing my ancient (ca. 1982 ) shell scripting knowledge.

I made one change to the script before running it. I changed ext4 to ext3 as ext3 is purportedly more reliable and I don't really need huge files or faster file operations. I also had an additional virtual disk defined (in WUBI) and the script copied the contents over to the “native” file system with no problem!

The first boot picked up the new Linux installation but not the Windows XP one. After doing a “grub-update” then a reboot, XP was found and everything works properly.

The “native” install seems to be quite a bit faster than the WUBI installation. If anyone is hesitant to make the change they should do it. It's quit painless and the results are well worth it. Plus it's a lot easier to change the size of real partitions using a gparted live CD than it is to enlarge a version 10+ WUBI installation or add a new virtual drive.

Unfortunately, I didn't have to look up 'Edsel' .

Thanks again