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I have a HD 6950 in my new Coumputer and the Driver in the repository is not working, I get a black screen when I boot. The last thing that could be seen is "Too many conections."

Without the fglrx-Driver the resolution is 1280*980 or something like that, what is not accaptable for a FullHD monitor... ;( Catalyst 10.11 creates only errors, too.

Have you any ideas how to get a proper resolution (maybe with some desktop effects *sigh*)?

Thank you very much, I hope everythings understandable... (I'm german)
According to this article on the phoronix site, you can download the drivers from here.

As to how to install them, I can be of no help, but google should be useful.

Good luck and please, please come back and let us know how it goes. I know there are more than a few of us that are more than a little curious.

Kirby =D>