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Thread: HOWTO: VLC + VAAPI in Maverick

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    Re: HOWTO: VLC + VAAPI in Maverick

    Quote Originally Posted by bsmith1051 View Post
    I don't think you can do it with your hardware? I thought that only the HD3x00 series (on up) were supported for h.264 acceleration. I might be wrong, though, so check around.
    My card definitely supports it. I can use dxva in windows just fine. I actually did get it to work after a long time messing around with packages and I managed to find the libva-glx package in a ppa. I was able to get vlc to load the video up and have vaapi acceleration enabled but the output was all garbled :/.

    It was just the hd 2900 cards that did not have the capability, they were the first 2xxx card released. other 2xxx cards do have it. In windows 7 I use MPC-HC and dxva is enabled, and 720p videos play with only 2-4% cpu usage.
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