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I am a brand new user and this sounds exactly like what I get. I followed the several step procedure spelled out at the beginning of this thread and my VNC client can connect from my XP box in the other room (on the same subnet) and prompts for the pwd and then I get the full grey screen with the "x" as the mouse pointer.
No firewalls are between the ubuntu box and this XP machine, just a switch and 2 WAPs.
Hmmm what did I do wrong?
YUP, I think I have got it down to this:
Firewall is restricting us..
I allow 5901 and now it lets me log in to the system... with IP:1... if I wanted more I could add them
If you don't like firewall and are not used to them... try friestarter, thats what I did...
sudo apt-get install firestarter