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Thread: Installing Shepherd in MBuntu 10.10

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    Exclamation [CLOSED] Installing Shepherd in MBuntu 10.10

    Hi all,

    I'm a newb and I'm trying to install Shepherd onto Mythbuntu V10.10.

    Doesn't Mythbuntu log on as user 'mythtv'?

    If so, how can I install Shepherd as user mythtv? I only seem to be able to log on as myself ( ).

    I re-read the installation doco ( ) and it seems to indicate that shepherd doesn't care what user you are. However, that seems to contradict the behaviour of the installation.

    I have tried to instal Shepherd, but it gives me "permission" errors and then fails. (I think this is because I have the wrong permissions or I am not the right user).

    Can anyone help?
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