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Thread: Rhythmbox Internet Radio stations

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    Question Rhythmbox Internet Radio stations

    Hey all,

    I was working on a project, and wanted some music to play. I've listened to my stuff so many times I think I'm going to go batty.

    I opened rhythmbox and went to check out the Radio section and try some things there. Of all the stations in there, there is an Absolute Radio 90's station that is the closest fit to what I like. That station is a little to pop for me. (Don't get me wrong, a lot of it did bring some memories back, but since it was a UK station, it had a lot that I didn't recognise. What I could wasn't exactly me... For example: Chumbawamba)

    Anyways, in the past, I came across SomaFM [] and it was ok too, but still not quite there. However, it seems that every other station out there has a specific player for it. I don't want these and I would just like to get the IP/URI for the specific station like somafm allows.

    In particular, I would like to find a station that plays mid 90's to current hard rock. Examples include, Nine Inch Nails, Clutch, KMFDM, Filter etc.

    My sanity thanks you all in advance,


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    Re: Rhythmbox Internet Radio stations

    If you have a account, then you can install vagalume. Play artist similar to "Foo Fighters" and you will get some Foo Fighters and other bands of similar genre.

    Works for "Hootie and the Blowfish" too.


    All of the artists that you mentioned are on there with the exception NIN. But you always have:


    Chumbawamba's on there too.

    And Darius Rucker has a country album out now.
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