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Thread: Removing underline shortcut symbols?

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    Removing underline shortcut symbols?

    A very simple question with what I am hoping will be a very simple answer...

    How do I remove those unsightly little lines that appear EVERYWHERE under some letter of a button label (usually the first). You know, the ones that you hit Alt + "the underlined letter" and it 'clicks' the button for you...

    In case my explanation doesn't make sense, I've highlighted them red in this screenshot...


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    Re: Removing underline shortcut symbols?

    Those unsightly lines tell you what key (letter) to press to make the selection. I don't think you can remove them.

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    Re: Removing underline shortcut symbols?

    In Ubuntu 10.10, it is mostly removed. This is good for you however for my case, I cannot function without underlined shortcuts, so I am looking for a way to bring them back 100%
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