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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Quote Originally Posted by marseille View Post
    I'm trying to figure out why the volume gets jacked up to max output (100) when the EQ is reset. The EQ itself is not changing -- only the volume level that's terrified my neighbors this Vegas morning

    Someone else noted this issue as well <>.

    Are my pulseaudio settings off or is it my hardware? What info do I need to give y'all to figure this out?

    Right now I'm running the EQ on UbuntuStudio Lucid (AMD 64-bit).
    $ cat /proc/asound/cards
     0 [SB             ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB
                          HDA ATI SB at 0xfe024000 irq 16
     1 [M1x1           ]: USB-Audio - MidiSport 1x1
                          M-Audio MidiSport 1x1 at usb-0000:00:12.0-1, full speed
    Thank-you, I really want an EQ along these lines.
    I have this same issue every time I reboot. I am going to test something and will let you know the results

    Check your preamp settings in EQ. I had mine at 1.4 and my volume was always at 140% on every restart. I changed preamp to 1.0 and the problem went away
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