I am having the same problem with a twist.

I got an old computer working and decided to install Ubuntu 10.04 on it having been given a LiveCD/Install CD.

The computer has an Asus A7A266 motherboard (c 2001) with an AMD Athlon 1.4GHz CPU and 512 Mb memory

The LiveCD worked fine and I decided to do an install which terminated in lots of 'disk sector' error messages.

On reboot I got the Busybox, initramfs prompt.

By typing 'run-init' followed by 'enter' and then 'exec run-init' followed by 'enter' I can get it to boot up to windows. Obviously I would prefer if it would boot up directly.

I tried to update the GRUB as described in post #6 as I have GRUB1.98 and although it reported a successful upgrade once the PC rebooted it still showed GRUB1.98 and the problem continued.

I then tried the solution in mail #4 which identified two harddisk partitions (hd0,1) EXT4 and (hd0,5) SWAP as well as identifying (hd0).

I followed the instructions until at step 6 I got an error message 'error file not found'.

Any suggestions on why I cannot update the GRUB and secondly why I get the error message 'file not found'?

Thanks in advance