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Thread: Sam Broadcaster

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    Sam Broadcaster

    I am needing to use sam broadcaster for my radio station. Yes I have and tryed IDJC and it works for playing music and streaming, but doesnt allow me to talk on air, as when I key up the mic it has a loud screeching sound. I am really wanting to use sam broadcast as it lets me do everything I want, request, upload playlist, make play rules, ect. However when I installed it via wine, it gives me database error's. How can I fix this so I can use it? I am hoping to have sam broadcaster running on like say desktop 3 and nothing else on that desktop window. I refuse to go back to windows, but need sam broadcaster. Maybe doing a virtual box of windows will work? But then I am worried about lag issues, as I am useing a duo core processer and sam broadcaster is cpu heavy. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance....

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    Re: Sam Broadcaster

    Are you sure that loud screeching sound isn't acoustic feedback? Either use closed back headphones (especially DJ headphones are designed not to leak audio back to the mic), turn down the DJ audio level, or remove the mic audio from the DJ mix. The options to do the latter two are in the preferences.


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