I'm trying to produce a dial-tone from my modem with Mgetty.

I found this online:

I recently discovered a feature that's part of the command set of some voice modems that enables it to produce tones. The latter is of interest to us since the US dial-tone and others are a combination of two frequencies (440Hz and 350Hz in the US).

Below is an ordered list of AT commands that initialize the modem, produce a dialtone for 2.5 seconds and answers the call. To check if the "AT+VTS" command is supported, or to get the parameter value ranges supported by it, use "AT+VTS=?"

# resets the modem

# puts the modem into voice mode

# opens the connection

# produces the tone

# closes the connection so it can answer

# answers the connection

* Usage: The first two parameters are the desired frequencies. The third parameter is the duration of the tone and is the desired time (in milliseconds) / 10. If the square brackets do not work, try using "{ }" backets as an alternative.

* Note: Some voice modems use "#" instead of the "+" character for the VLS and VTS commands. If the modem is returning "ERROR" after sending either command, try replacing the character.
I'm unsure of how to enter those commands.

My setup is:

Ubuntu 8.04 CLI Install

Thank you.