Hi Gang,

I'm running Hardy on the work laptop (upgraded from Gusty) which is a Dell Precision M65. One oddity that the hard drive accesses about once a second when on wireless.

Normally, I don't use wireless, so no a concern, but when I go off to meetings, I often toggle the switch on (on the side of the unit) to power up it's wireless (an Intel 3945ABG/BG) and log into the wireless Net. From the moment the wireless is activated, the hard drive begins a very quick access about once every second and will continue to do this until the wireless is turned off via the toggle switch again.

First off, it's mostly annoying because it's like having a ticking clock sitting in front of you in a quiet meeting room, second, it does impact the battery life fairly significantly since the hard drive can never stop and spin down.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's causing it to do this? More so, any fix?