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Thread: beep when switching deskops

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    beep when switching deskops

    I've recently installed Kubuntu with KDE4. There are a couple bugs which I can live with but one thing in particular is just awful.

    When I click the pager to switch desktops or when I just click an application in the taskbar which is on a different desktop an annoying tone plays (kind of like an out of tune piano).

    I've tried looking for the setting to turn this off but I haven't been able to find it. Does anybody know how to turn it off?

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    Re: beep when switching deskops

    [insert standard KDE4 response here]

    From my (rather limited) experience with KDE4.0, many things that *should* be customizable are not, and that is perhaps one of them.
    I do not use Ubuntu any more, nor have I ever used Gnome. Therefore, I tend to give advice that is distro- and DE-agnostic, which, while perhaps not the easiest way, will allow you to move freely between machines.

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    Re: beep when switching deskops


    Menu -> Computer -> System Settings -> Notifications

    Then set the Event Source to The KDE Window Manager and there will be a list of possible sound events.

    Click on the "Change to Desktop" ones and uncheck the box that says "Play a sound".

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