On april 23d my computer disk space was full, so I tried to delete all files in /tmp. But once I reboot I noticed that I deleted all files for my main profile so I wasn't able to log in as my username. So I tried to log in as the root and since the new release was due 24th I didn't do anything as I was going to upgrade my ubuntu. Yesterday, I started upgrading the system by issuing do-release-upgrade and it started downloading very slowly. It took me 5 hours to download everythink. Once download was finished, it stopped all of sudden. I issue do-release-upgrade once more, but it said that no update available.

That is I decided to install a fresh copy of ubuntu. Right now I'm downloading it by torrent. Speed is around 48 KB/S. So I guess it will finish in 3 to 4 hours.

I'm wondering if I copy my entire /home/username/ directory including hidden files to some other place, and replace the new one by that, will I have all the configuration file for my profile back?

I need all my firefox bookmark, thunderbird emails, amarok songs, etc.

I use mysql and amarok together, so I m going to backup all my databases.

Is there anyway that I can recover all my setting after installing a fresh version at once?