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Thread: Dell Inspiron N4050 Audio Problem(No Sound)

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    Unhappy Dell Inspiron N4050 Audio Problem(No Sound)

    First off, I have no experience about Linux, but I'm trying to learn..

    And I have a Dell Laptop.

    Model: Inspiron N4050

    I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.10 in it... Bluetooth, Wifi seems to work fine after installation, but there is no sound. When I installed Windows 7 before in this, Sound was working just fine without any external driver installation. But it's not working in Ubuntu.

    The Audio Driver Required here is IDT 92HD87B1 (According to the support website)

    All the drivers I've found in the inertnet are for Windows. Don't see anything for Linux or ubuntu.

    So can anybody here help me? I'd really appreciate that. Really need the Sound anyhow >_<

    Also as I've said, I'm totally new in Ubuntu. So It'd be better if anybody could tell me the step-by-step process.

    And What should a user do after installing Ubuntu? I mean In Windows I usually install Drivers first, but here I'm not even sure what to do after installing? Do advise me please or even tell me what drivers or other things I've to install?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Also in the Sound Preference there's no Hardware detected.
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