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Thread: Terminal line in Top Panel

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    Terminal line in Top Panel

    Does anybody know of any way that I could have a terminal prompt that accepts commands directly in the top (or bottom) panel in Gnome?

    I am not interested in a shortcut that opens a terminal window. I would prefer it if I could input a terminal command directly in to the top panel, submit the command, and then command runs while opening the terminal window.

    Any chance that this tweak could be achieved? I am open to doing a little bit of programming if necessary.


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    Re: Terminal line in Top Panel

    Well, you can configure the terminal to not show borders, title bar etc and resize it to fit the panel (so it overlaps)..

    With a little research and trial and error, should be possible.

    Here would be a good place to start

    Keep us updated!
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    clear && echo paste url and press enter; read paste; (youtube-dl $paste) | zenity --progress --title="" --text "Downloading, please wait" --auto-close --pulsate && ans=$(zenity --file-selection); gnome-terminal -x mplayer "$ans"

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