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Thread: My TV scree only shows a portion of the desktop

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    My TV scree only shows a portion of the desktop

    When I turn on the computer directly with the TV on, after login in, It only shows a portion of the desktop; even if the whole screen works: Here is an example of how it looks Check the top menu bar, that is and background, that's the only part that works, the rest doesn't even-tough the mouse can go over there.

    I re installed video drivers, xorg and lubuntu-desktop. That normally fixes on the first boot, but after that one it returns to the same problem.

    I have to fix it every time by changing the resolution and turning back to the original (1360x768), but I have to do it every time and is annoying.

    I'm not even sure if this is the correct place for the question. I'm running Lubuntu 12.10 in an Asus EEE PC 1005HA connected to a sony tv via VGA.

    Help please!

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    Re: My TV scree only shows a portion of the desktop

    Seems like the right place to me. I only have a smart @$$ answer in the interest of getting my post count up enough to have an avatar and sig line. You should have bought a "screen" and not a "scree" (as the thread title states). Please feel free to now tell me to go **** ****** (or any expletives you prefer).


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