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Thread: Cloud service as secure and privacy-orientated as Firefox Sync?

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    Cloud service as secure and privacy-orientated as Firefox Sync?


    I've been really impressed with Firefox Sync since i started using it recently - encryption supported by default, and leaving the key in the complete control of the user and his own computer to the extent that Mozilla's servers can't get at the encryption keys!

    I've been using Ubuntu One, getting used to it but wondering if there's anything technically better...

    Is there any way to achieve the same result with cloud storage services? Like to be able to pair devices that can access the data one by one just like with Firefox Sync? Could this be compatible with the other function of cloud storage services, ie file sharing? Could there be some sort of client that encrypts stuff one uploads to the cloud, each time one syncs?

    And how does all the Ubuntu One integration work with an encrypted /home folder?
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    Re: Cloud service as secure and privacy-orientated as Firefox Sync?

    See this related thread

    Per this FAQ
    "If you are concerned about storing your files unencrypted in the Ubuntu One cloud, you could always store the files already encrypted so Ubuntu One never sees the plain text files. Doing so may prevent the proper functionality of some Ubuntu One features such as multiple computer synchronization, web browser access, and sharing with others."
    So yes, you can encrypt it locally & upload encrypted files to Ubuntuone.
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