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Thread: lx panel align problems

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    lx panel align problems

    Running ubuntu 12.04 and lxde on usb stick.

    Info: Using LXPanel 0.5.8 'panel preferences', I set a higher task bar and bigger icons. I added a
    'volume control' onto the task bar. The task bar is at the bottom.
    When I opened windows fx 'file manager' the window would align at the bottom with the lxpanel.

    Now after running the system for a period of time, I added some program short cuts to the task bar. Fx lxterminal. But maybe something went wrong.
    If I now open a window (full window, not full screen) then the bottom of the window gets hidden
    behind the lx panel. Thats annoying.
    Fx if I open full window vlc, the lower part of the vlc control bar is hidden behind the lxpanel bar.
    And thats the case for all programs, I open in full window.

    Q: How do I get the programs that I open in full window to align with the lxpanel again?
    Is there a command to reset the lxpanel?
    I ask the reset q because it seems the lxpanel has turned a bit out of control. If I enter some numbers
    in lxpanel 'preferences' it will not take them or spin up numbers by itself.
    At one point in lxpanel 'preferences' the task bar disappeared, and I had to go for the reset button.

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