At least once or twice a day a dialog pops up on my screen informing me that there has been a crash, and asking if I want to send in a problem report. The crash has no noticeable impact on the operation of the system: in particular no windows close and all of the system services keep on going. At most there is a short term performance hit. However it is annoying that these keep on happening and that if I follow the trouble report through to the end it tells me that the Precise version of the Compiz software on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is no longer being maintained. If that is the case what does "Long Term Support" mean? At this moment 12.04 is not only the LTS release, it is also the latest release. If that is not being maintained, then what is being maintained?

I am running Ubuntu on a Dell Laptop with a quad-core AMD processor ATI BeaverCreek [Mobility Radeon HD 6620G] with the fglrx driver.