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Thread: messed up Docky icon

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    messed up Docky icon

    I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.10 (running pure KDE, no GNOME nor Unity anymore). Since AWN is no longer in the Ubuntu repositories, I decided to stick with Docky like I did in Ubuntu 12.04 (GNOME and KDE). However... I have this problem going on (screenshot here).

    My trashcan docklet icon only shows a gear... not a trash can. I am using GNOME as the fallback icons for GTK apps. I've tried various icons, but I'm still getting that stupid gear as the trashcan icon.

    How do I fix this?

    edit: found that the Trash docklet isn't working at all in Docky... which probably explains the gear icon. Wonder why it isn't working.

    edit 11/1/12: seems to be working again after total reboot of the system instead of just log-out and log-in. So problem solved.
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    Re: messed up Docky icon

    I get the same error...any fix? I am running the latest xubuntu 13.04.


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