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Thread: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

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    Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

    Is this a good idea?

    I just moved over from avlinux and I am relatively new to ubuntu. I tried the full-on kxstudios as well as dream studio but have settled on ubuntu studio.

    Is it currently possible to install the kxstudios repos over ubuntu studio 12.10?

    I noticed that they have a quantal section with newer packages for things like guitarix (but also some crucial ones such as jack jackd etc) but I have found no official word on whether it's compatible or not yet. As such I'm not sure if it's wise to mess with this seeing that ubuntu studio is currently working ok for me. I did read a previous forum post with the same question for a much older release but I haven't been able to find any up-to-date information and the answer to the post was ambiguous.


    What are the benefits?

    How does sharing packages work with with regard to the ubuntu studio release cycle vs. kx studio's?

    Are their any disadvantages?

    Also, if anyone is rocking an up to date ubuntu studio + kxstudio repos hybrid I would be glad for any experiences.

    bum Bum BUM

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    Re: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

    Hi, the question isn't 'what does KX provide', rather,
    'What am I unable to do, that I need/want to do'.

    The fence between us, and the greener pasture,
    will always be barbed wire, but covered with pretty flowers,
    with a maiden beckoning from the other side, 'More, better, faster, newer, shinier'...

    Keep what works, create music, and test safely,
    installing test distros and add-ons on external drives,
    or expendable media.

    If money is too tight, do one last fresh install, and create
    a separate /home partition, so time is saved in future reinstalls,
    by re-using window-manager, internet, and eye-candy settings.

    A lot of work has gone into KX, to make linux audio better.
    Certainly worth an hour in google to see what it provides,
    and difficulties it solves.

    It helps to stay familiar with 3 or 4 working environments,
    and keep a full backup of crucial things, at a remote location,
    where thieves, fire, floods etc can't take you down.

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    Re: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

    Hi. I used kxstudio repos to try their realtime kernel on ubuntu 12.04 (the kernel was not able to boot...). Of course you can add the repos, but I suggest you to add their repos only if you are sure that it will not implies dependencies issues, that probably are around the corner if you installed ubuntu studio (to avoid problems I disabled the kxstudio repos after had purged the unworking kernel). kxstudio is a great collection of software, but to have a well made system I suggest you to go through a net boot installation (if you had gained the experience you need to do this). There are a lot of software that you can download from the site and manually install, like tons of plugins, without needing to add the repos. If you are interested in some specific program you don't have remember that you can download a single deb from their site. In my opinion what you can do with the software included in ubuntu studio is basically esactly what you can do with kxstudio's software...
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    Re: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

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    Re: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

    thanks for the replies,

    As I can see it (no one has really contradicted this yet) the main benefit of the kxstudio repos is the updated packages/plugins and also slightly modified versions - how they are modified exactly I still don't yet know... My impression from this thread (though no one has said it outright) is that by adding the repos and updating packages to the kx versions, if my system doesn't break now it should do so eventually.

    However, the original post by falktx regarding the kxstudio repos states that they should be compatible with ubuntu derrivatives - though this info has not been updated to include the new quantal release I expect it will eventually be the case. I imagine that prioritizing the repos and pinning packages might safely take care of possible issues though and would still provide easy apt-get and synaptic access to all the packages.

    Generally speaking though, I'm in no rush to upgrade - I'd much rather have a working system than a bleeding edge one. In fact, I have only moved from avlinux because I need better support for my new laptop and the last two versions of AVL suffered many many incompatibilities with my new hardware. It's not because I've got the upgrade fever, I just don't want to have to try too hard to make things work and if the system breaks then I want to be able to quickly reinstall everything from memory in a matter of a couple of hours tops. Honestly AVL6 is awesome and I would have been happy to stay with it - I still have it on usb key and its installed on my old netbook, it was my first love as far as linux audio is concerned.

    So I happen to have bought this laptop at the same time that avl was updated to its final version, as well as ubuntu studio to 12.10 and soon kxstudio maybe. Since then I have spent a week with AVL6, a few days with kxstudios, over one month with dream studio and have now settled for ubuntu studio (installed since almost a week and a half).

    Dream studio was 100% compatible but I eventually discovered that my humble laptop was not powerful enough to run unity effectively while doing intensive low latency stuff. I was gutted because it really did work out of the box. The unity stuff wasn't actually very productive though as in practice it got in the way much more than it actually helped. I did have a few issues with ubuntu studio but now it's running smoother than AVL or dreamstudio ever did(except for 1 small bug i just noticed). It even has some advantages such as the the xfce settings editor which lets me make it so that with either jack running or not and with headphones or even usb audio device, my laptop's volume buttons will change the output volume.... it's a simple thing but I think it's amazing. Also the way XFCE lets you move windows around, between desktops or just with tiling is really effective on my 11inch screen. I had to learn the whole pulse audio ******** though as well as get used to XFCE, kde and Unity/gnome 3 in the process but now I'm happy.

    When I installed kxstudio, I tried different desktops and kernels and installed it all via the netboot ISO but found that it was almost as incompatible as AVL6 and thus not worth the effort. As such I didn't really get a chance to register its pros and cons regarding the software (aside from a quick poke around falktx's own apps). What has been made clear in the last couple of years though is that the newer/newest versions of guitarix and ardour etc. are definitely worth getting. As such, I am still curious as to what's there and if it can be done.

    That said, this clearly not a case of the grass being greener - I would still just honestly appreciate some specific insight in the benefits of the KXstudio apps to know whether It's something that would benefit my usage scenario or not. I'm still learning so having a bunch of stuff available is great for when I'm not being productive and just want to poke around. For me, it's an important part of the learning process as it gives me ideas for further down the line. That is why I am curious about the kxstudio repos. If I had to look on google for specific apps and plugins and know what to look for in advance I would never have got as far as I have done (how do you look for something when you don't know that it exists?).

    So, if anyone has more experiences or information about it actually being viable or not, as well as any specific benefits I would be grateful to hear more as I've been living on the AVLinux island for a while and uptodate information on ubuntustudio/kxstudiorepos is sparse and still very new to me.

    thanks again
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    Re: Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?

    From a distance, it appears falkTX has invested, at no small personal
    expense, in claudia, cadence, and several other tools to simplify session mamagement, plugin use, configuration, system integration, and overall ease of use. Not to mention beating the fine
    TAL plugins into linux usability, and compiling things uniformly.

    I think potential dependency issues can be delt with by using
    the graphic environment he does, and comparing dependency notes
    between his repos, and those of your base system, before updating.

    Also comare dependencies with debian unstable, there are a few
    broken combinations in the wild. gnome virtual file system,
    and gnome canvas, are not uniformly implemented/bug-free.
    I doubt d-bus and hal are always trouble free, and of course
    pulse Vs the world yada yada

    I now stick to small and fast E17, on top of kde4,
    its got great themes, several icon sets, flexible placement
    of gui elements, and recovers from most faults with a keystroke,
    and no data losses.(pounds furiously on nearby wood)

    When the snows come, I may try these new tools, but I am
    of that old school, what ain't broke, don't get fixed

    As an experienced user, you know the drill if things get
    upside down, and already have alternatives in place.
    KX should be easy money.

    I really hope a barebone Ubuntu Studio will be supported someday,
    I think it would reduce the number of issues new users face,
    and slightly broaden the compatibilty base, helping those
    using limited computer resources. A full-on guitar distro,
    could easily iso under 300 meg, no need for dvd sizes.


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