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Thread: 12.04 - gnome-panel and compiz broken after update.

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    12.04 - gnome-panel and compiz broken after update.

    hi everyone,

    i've recently been using precise with the gnome option for the desktop environment. hmm, i think that means that it's gnome 3 ive been using, (i havn't really figured out what the gnome-shell or mate are, but the one i've been using is the default which comes with ubuntu12.04, when yoou click the gnome 'foot' option, rather than ubuntu or ubuntu classic, etc).


    earlier today it was ll fine. i did use the update manager to update the system. now when i boot up there is no gnome-panel, and none of the windows have any edges, and they all appear in the top left hand corner (i can however move them around if i hold alt and click and drag the window).

    so, i figure that compiz and gnome panel aren't starting properly. i can start them manually, in which case they work, however the windows don't look 'right', they certainly don't look how they did, all the styling is different.

    i do have a custom theme installed, though it was working fine before.

    i had a look in /var/logs/syslog, to try to figure out what is going on, though don't know what to look for.

    using the 'Ubuntu' option (with unity) still works fine.

    thanks for any and all help,


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    Re: 12.04 - gnome-panel and compiz broken after update.


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