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Thread: Slow internet speeds

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    Slow internet speeds

    Hello everyone,

    I don't know what the deal is. When I had fedora 17 installed I was getting downloads of 1.5 mbs - 3mbs consistently.

    On ubuntu i'm barely getting 500kb it seems that every download no matter where it's from (torrents,games,regular downloads) It cant get past that 500kb threshold. I disabled ipv6 via network manager and still no avail.

    If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Slow internet speeds

    similar problem, but in my case its downloading Ubuntu updates that are so slow. I'm down as low as 220 b/s and yesterday took 5 hours to download updates...then the updates didn't work and I was left with a blank screen with no icons. Now I'm reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 and same slow download problem.

    If I download anything else I can usually get 400-600 kb/s. Its just Ubuntu is the problem.

    What have I done to offend Ubuntu?

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    Re: Slow internet speeds

    As a general recommendation, when you face such problems it is a good idea if you post information about your network hardware, the connection technology (wireless, wired, etc.) and what driver you are using.

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