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Thread: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

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    Unhappy I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    I just bought a ASUS K55a notebook computer, i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive.

    I also bought a Cricket ZTE AC3781 USB internet dongle, a prepaid internet access.

    It works without a problem with Win7 home premium, but I can't get any version of linux to even recognize that it is even connected to the computer.

    The built in wifi works fine, but I am not near a hotspot most of the time.

    Will there be an update or work round to get it to work with Linux??

    I want to pull my win7 drive out, install an ssd drive, put win7 & Linux as a dual boot on the ssd drive, and get both to work with the dongle.

    I have 2 notebooks I want to do this with and both are brand new, same brand, different model numbers.

    Also, will a 64gb ssd drive do what I want??

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    Re: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    Well, I can not speak about Cricket. I have never used them. This is an older thread but it may provide some assistance:

    What model of Asus K55A did you purchase? RBR6 from Walmart? I was thinking of purchasing that one but could find no other confirmation except your post that Ubuntu wireless works for the adapter with this system.

    What version of Ubuntu are you using? Could you post the output of:

    lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net

    If I can confirm you have wifi working with the same adapter, I will be more interested in purchasing. Thanks.

    I have used a T-Mobile wireless dongle in the past but it was almost 1.5 years ago. Unfortunately I no longer have access to that system so I can not tell you how I configured it to work. I am pretty sure the version I got T-Moble wireless prepaid working with was Ubuntu 11.04

    Good luck
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    Re: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    Mine is an ASUS K55a running Win7 Home Premium.

    Before I install any flavor of Linux I make sure it works with everything.

    IMHO Ubuntu is a resource hog but Mint doesn't seem so (not capping but from experience).
    I also don't like the desktop that ships with ubuntu. I want everything at the bottom.

    I bought it at Best Buy.

    The onboard WiFi did work for me when I tested it but the cricket dongle wasn't even recognized.

    I will retest when I can get near a free wifi then post the results (wifi).

    The test I did was Linux Mint 13, KDE, 64bit, an ubuntu derivative.

    But I will try Ubuntu (shudders here) as son as I can.
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    Re: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    I think the first question we should be asking is where do you live.

    Obviously different hardware and providers are available depending on which country you are in.

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    Re: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    In my understanding of usb modems, most of them have a detachable SIM in them (Unless you are in the USA), so it could be possible (As a workaround) to grab an old phone that acts as a modem and use it with your Netbook. Old Nokias are a very good example.

    What you need to do is research, make sure your next purchase is not a WinModem. WinModems are not true modems, they rely on the PCs CPU to work reliably, while true modems perform all needed operations without the help of a PCs CPU.

    Also, I hear some netbooks have a SIM slot somewhere, look around, maybe you are lucky.
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    Re: I need a prepaid internet Dongle that WORKS

    yes, i am in the usa and they have a bad habit of locking everything so you have to PAY for each tiny little thing.

    While i will see if something else is available i would like to point out that linux didn't even recognize the drive at all. Even a USB winmodem would at least be recognized even if it didn't work.

    I don't want any prepaid dongle that requires my social security number and ID just to use. The problems are massively open to abuse by not only the business sector but the government as well.

    Does anyone truly know who gets your info, looks at it, what they do with it and when?

    Fixing an identity theft issue costs big money. I would rather steal internet somewhere than take that kind of chance.
    Worst here is a slap on the wrist but most likely nothing (unless you do something illegal).

    I also need prepaid to control my expenses. My credit score isn't the preferred one to get optimal credit for anything. And 30% interest rates are tantamount to loan shark rates LOL

    I will D/L Ubuntu again to see if it works but have to wait till I can get to a fast broadband connection at a free hotspot if I can.


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