I tried installing itunes 7 in playon linux it worked after a fashion but not well, couldn't access the itunes store and playback was a bit dodgy I discovered I needed a more up to date version. so I tried installing itunes 8.0 with the wine program loader this time it worked better but still no store so I took the next leap and went to 9.0

This was a mistake and took a lot of removing, so I went back to 8 again but I then thought what the he.ll I'll give 10 a spin, I was rather surprised to see it turn up and work!
far better than the older versions. it has a couple of oddities though

first you may not see a lot of headings in the left hand side bar don't worry they work you may not be able to use the search either untill you install Segoe UI . ttf once done you can use the search.

Now it may max out your processor but thats because it keeps launching disnoted.exe several of them in fact so browse your wine C drive go to

/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Common Files/Apple/Apple Application Support

make a new folder there and put disnoted.exe in it, itunes now works without maxing the processor out. and you can access the itunes store

Still no text on the left but mostly everything else is working and well, I have to solve the text labels on the left side if anyone has any ideas?

From my researches a lot of Mac users are encountering the same problems. It is resource hungry though that was a Mac complaint as well so apple may come up with a fix for that.

But if you want iTunes 10, I know its a bit fiddly but it works and better musically and functionally than all the older versions. has anyone got any ideas on disnoted?

Im using ubuntu 12.04 32bit with Wine 1.5.14 dual core AMD64 , 2 gig of ram and on-board 700 mb video.

If I can fix the disnote problem and the text problem I will have fully accessible itunes so if anyone has a fix for either that would be helpful don't ask why iTunes its just that I'm inquisitive and surprised I could get it to work so well in the end.