Ok, am having a weird issue with an older netbook I picked up. The netbook is a Gammatech N1L2. It has an Intel Atom n450 chipset with the Intel N10 graphics card (Pineview). This is were things get a little odd. When loading from a live usb/install Ubuntu detects the proper screen resolution (1024x600) but after install my only two options are 1024x768 and 800x600. I have tired to use the xrander utility to change it, and it errors out with "can't detect display". When I run an xorg-configure I get the error "The number of screens do not match" (or something along those lines). Does anyone have any idea on how I can force Ubuntu to detect the proper resolution. I know the hardware isn't great, but since I am going to back to school in January I would like use a netbook (which gives me 6+ hours of battery life) instead of my Acer Travelmate.

Thanks in advance