ok i posted this same thing in another place just to find out i most likely put it in the wrong place cause no one was responding, sorry i am new here and wasn't sure. i would REALLY appreciate it if someone helped me out.

i downloaded Ubuntu a couple of days ago, i really liked it so far except one thing. i can't do anything without it freezing up constantly. i googled this and found that there is an unfixed bug but then i read other people's reviews saying it works great for them, and besides i don't think its describing exactly my problem. what happens is if i try to do anything especially download something everything will freeze and the only thing that works is the mouse, the keyboard doesn't work either and nothing i click works. this happens when i am doing anything, browsing the internet, browsing Ubuntu Software Center, downloading something.

its weird though, somethings only the desktop will freeze but the bar on the side (don't know the proper name but i think its called the "Unix Launcher" i may be wrong) will still work, also sometimes only one workspace will freeze but the other will remain unfrozen for a bit at least then it too freezes. these freezes last for minutes at a time, last night it was so bad i had to power off by holding down the power button.

also i have gotten an error message about it not responding, well i don't remember exactly what it said but i remember i did get a couple of error messages.

other details that may be helpful in identifying the problem are:
when Ubuntu is booting up before the name appears with the dots loading it will flash white or something really fast, dunno if this is even related to the problem maybe its normal.

i have a HP laptop 64 bit G series and i am running Ubuntu on a dual boot along side Windows 7

can someone please help? i can't use Ubuntu like this. it looks like a great OS though, i am just not too tech savy, and i know nothing about code and stuff like that. i hope i have described this adequately.