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Thread: Flash breaks Chromium

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    Flash breaks Chromium

    On 12.04 fully updated and Chromium installed installing Flash essentially kills sound in Chromium. Remove Flash and Chromium will play HTML5 without issues. This occurred after the last batch of security updates. Anybody else with the issue - or a solution? TIA

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    Re: Flash breaks Chromium

    Likely the sound loss is a Flash, not an Ubuntu issue, although the latter cannot be discounted at this point imho.

    The following is from Adobe [thnx to Guy at SC] -

    6/21/2012 - Windows Flash Player Update


    Today, the Windows Flash Player plug-in for Firefox, Mozilla,
    Netscape, Opera and other browsers was updated to 11.3.300.262.

    This release addresses stability issue found in Mozilla Firefox.
    This build does not address the audio issues reported by some
    customers but we continue to focus on these problems and will
    continue to do so until they are resolved.

    If you continue to have problems with this release, please see this
    tech note for suggestions and instructions for reporting these
    issues to us: Flash Player 11.3 compatibility issues with RealPlayer
    extension in Mozilla Firefox [1].





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