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Thread: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

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    Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    I have a problem since upgrading to 12.04, when I launch fullscreen wine applications (ive tried 8 different ones so far, all the same problem) the the top global menu bar (with the time and date on it) still shows and i have the unity bar down the left hand side still.

    This makes games unplayable, does anyone know a work around for this?

    It's the same problem this guy has:

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    Re: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    To autohide the launcher, go to the power cog icon top right of your screen, then system settings > Appearance > behaviour, then activate the auto-hide launcher feature.

    Launcher should then disappear when you go full screen.

    Not sure about the global menu though...

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    Programs running in Wine are not programmed to integrate with the Global Menu because they were written for Windows.

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    Exclamation Re: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    Is that it...tough luck Wine programs were not written for the Global Menu.

    Is there still no fix for this? Or is Shuttleworth marking it Not Fixing too?

    This is a deal breaker, if you cannot use Wine properly in Ubuntu then I see not reason to try to get to grips with Unity. Cinnamon or Xfce are going to have to do.
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    Re: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    Ubuntu is not free windows
    WINE is a compatibility layer (an emulator) to simulate running Windows in Linux but Windows programs make no attempt to 'play nice' with Linux so extra work has to go in to try to get them to. WINE apps don't use windows the same way that Linux apps do (as even Maximus doesn't function correctly with WINE apps). this is an issue that comes from them both being two very different environments, even though various attempts have been made to try and ease the transition between the two. Unity, Ubuntu and WINE are each separate projects and each of them have various targets that they try to meet. perfect desktop integration is not always paramount to any of them as they each have any number of issues to fix at any given time.

    in short, it being a 'deal breaker' is on you, not them

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    Re: Menu bar visible in fullscreen wine programs

    I had the same problem. It seems to be a problem with the interaction of wine and compiz ... If you log out and run a unity2d session the problem goes away (for me at least). Hope this helps.
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