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Thread: Closed Account?

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    Closed Account?


    I am inquiring as to the reason why my previous (and subsequent) account was banned. The username is spartan0311mp. I had attempted to contact the council shortly after it happened and never did receive a response. I was puzzled by the action, as I was unaware of any violations of the ToS as I did not spam, post unauthorized content, generate any lewd or obscene comments/pictures/other content. If a review could be done, I would be greatly appreciative of that, and if the results come back as to allow me access to that account I would like to have this account closed at that time.


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    Re: Closed Account?

    Your previous account(s) was (were) closed as they had been used to spam these forums.

    In addition , you seem to have multiple personalities / accounts. This and future accounts will be banned as they are discovered.

    Good luck to you with other online communities.
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