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Thread: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

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    Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    Hey All,

    I've got an ASUS 1015PN that I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 from 11.04. On the latter version, I had three finger tap support for my touchpad, which I'd mapped to a middle mouse click. However, once I upgraded, this capability no longer works.

    I've done a fair bit of web (and soul ) searching, all to no avail. Now you might ask yourself why I care so much. Well, until this capability was taken away, I've forgotten how much I use all of the taps for the various mouse clicks.

    Finally, fwiw, I've looked in all of the usual suspect places: /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log with everything seeming normal, and running the command synclient, which reports that a tapbutton3 should report a middle mouse click. I've also checked this with utilities like evtest and xev to see that, no matter what I do, I only get 'Button1' X events when I do a three finger tap.

    I'm now at my wits end, and I simply cannot believe that I'm the only person worldwide that's experiencing this behavior.

    Can anyone out there in Ubuntu-land offer any suggestions?

    Many, many thanks in advance,

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    Re: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    I don't have a solution for you, just adding my voice to say I've got this problem too. Hope someone figures out a solution to it soon!

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    Re: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    Yeah, sorry, no solution from me either, but it has happened to me too. I read somewhere there has been some heated debate about this thing, so I hope it's only a bug and no one has taken the functionality away. I use this a lot, and want it back

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    Re: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    Hi. I have laptop asus k50ab and three-finger tap doesn't work for me too. In 11.04 all was OK.

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    Re: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    same here.

    1-finger tap does what it should
    2-finger tap as well
    3-finger tap does nothing (see also xev below)
    3-finger drag drags the window (though compiz is programmed for <alt>button2)
    4-finger tap gives the 'dash' of Unity.

    doing 'xev' in a terminal and moving the mouse in the small window that pops up, I see that one-finger works and is recognised and two-finger as well. Three-finger is not recognized (no response what-so-ever).

    I also noticed that combining the the 'real button' (beneath the touchpad surface) with two finger tap on the touchpad surface DOES do the paste!!!!
    Very uncomfortable, but at least something.
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    Re: Three-Finger Tap on Touchpad Broken 11.10...

    I think, 3 tap unable..

    but you can setting your mousepad at system setting..


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