Hi folks, if you're like me, then you'll want to take advantage of one of the best things about Ubuntu: configuring it how you like. And if you're like me you'll manage to stuff it up royally once in awhile. Here are a couple easy tips to help restore things when you DO manage to stuff it up.

If your interface is frozen, not working, or uncooperative, and you just NEED that command line, you can hit: ctrl+alt+f1 to get into a virtual terminal.There you can log in as your user, and run whatever commands you need. (i.e., to kill a process, restart something,etc.) To get back to you now hopefully working again desktop, hit: crtl+alt+f7 (or sometimes ctrl+alt+f8, depending on your setup).

Another useful command, in the terminal, or virtual terminal as mentioned above, is: skill -KILL -u yourusername

Providing you substitute the above command with your own user name, this will kill your current session, then log you out, often saving a reboot, etc.

Have fun!