Hi guys,

I'm running Lubuntu 11.04 on Asus Eee PC 700. The machine has been exposed to some soft drinks in the past, and now I'm frequently experiencing the following issue:

after using the system for a while, AltGr/ISO_Level3_Shift is turned on. I can't make it go away. Rebooting helps, but I was wondering if there is a way to hard reset keyboard using command line.

I have tried pressing Alt+SysRq+R, and it does not make this issue go away. I've tried xmodmap -e "remove Lock = ISO_Level3_Shift" and it does not work. What I'm looking for now is some sort of mouse-operated or command-line executable way of hard-resetting my keyboard so that I would not have to reboot the system. Rebooting the system every 15 minutes is quite frustrating and kills my lovely linux experience.

All input and user experiences appreciated.

Thanks in advance.