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Thread: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL

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    XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL

    XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!

    Hello fellow Ubuntu’s!

    *** I have Ubuntu 11.4***

    After downloading XAMPP, I went to my Downloads. I then went to the Folder (xampp-linux-1.7.4.tar.gz) and right clicked on it. The options window opened, and I selected ‘Extract Here’! after doing so a Folder called lampp appeared.

    The next step I did was open my Terminal and typed ( sudo nautilus / ). I pressed Enter and a window with a bunch Folders opened up. I selected, and opened the opt Folder. I then dragged the lampp Folder to the opt Folder.

    The lampp Folder is now in the opt Folder. I right clicked on the lampp Folder and selected Properties, and then the Permissions tap. I set all 3 Folder access: -to- Create delete files and all 3 File access: -to- Read and write. I checked Allow executing file as program, and Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files button, then closed.

    I went back to Terminal and typed ( sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start ) and pressed Enter. Everything is working fine execpt MySQL!

    Starting XAMPP for Linux 1.7.4...
    XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...
    XAMPP: Starting MySQL...
    XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!
    XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...
    XAMPP for Linux started.

    I don’t know if it makes any difference but I do have Netbeans IDE 7.0 php installed and I’ve only worked on html and CSS on it.

    I appreciate any help that anyone can give me!

    Thank You!

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    Re: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!

    i am having the same problem
    please help me . . . . .

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    Re: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!

    Why did you install XAMPP and not LAMP?
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    Re: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!

    I've had the same problem..
    Did you correctly install your xampp using the following command line?

    sudo tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt

    It worked for me!

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    Re: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!

    welll, i WAS having the same problem,when i started reading this thread,i was on this problem since last 11 hrs but right now i TOOK a break and when i cam back a idea struck me that people were telling me to change
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host'] = 'localhost';
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host'] =;

    but i was not able to locate that line in my file.. later on right now it struck that what if i ADD IT!!?

    and i added and VOILA!! it was done!!

    simply add

    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host'] = 'localhost';
    in ur /opt/lampp/phpmyadmin/ file and u r ready to go!

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    Re: XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL

    The problem with MySQL issues in XAMPP is that by default there is no error logging in MySQL.
    So if you are having problems getting MySQL to run, add the following line to /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf under the [MYSQLD] section -
    and check this file after trying to start. It will probably give you a clue. Comment out when all is fixed, so it's there next time you have a problem.

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