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Thread: How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

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    Question How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

    Hello world..

    I am trying to enable Xelatex @Lyx but i have some problems . I am ubuntu 11.04 user and Lyx2.0 . I followed this tutorial in order to install Xetex

    Then i openned Lyx but i cant enable the option to "use non tex fonts via Xetex/luatex" . I attache a screenshot :

    ps1: Lyx's interface is in Greek language
    ps2: I have to enable first this option and then use a code in preamble in order to use a font right ?

    Thanks in advance , waiting for your support

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    Re: How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

    any help pleaseee

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    Re: How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

    I also have this problem and would love to have a solution...

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    Re: How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

    Ah, I found a clearly explained workaround at

    Just thought I'd post that here. It'd be nice to get Lyx working the way (I assume) it's intended though!

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    Re: How to enable Xelatex @Lyx

    On Ubuntu 12.04 I enabled in the Lyx UI as follows:

    * install packages: texlive-xetex and etoolbox
    * in Lyx: Tools > Reconfigure
    * close Lyx and restart
    * Document > Settings > Fonts > Use non-Tex fonts


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