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Thread: Natty minimal install on Pan7 (Ethernet Question)

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    Natty minimal install on Pan7 (Ethernet Question)

    Hi, I want to be able to do a minimal install using the minimal or the alternate CD on my pan7. However, early in the install the minimal and the alternate CD don't recognize the ethernet connection and I have no choice but to abort the installation (because it won't go anywhere without a functioning ethernet). The bug was reported in launchpad here. The bug still persists in 10.10.

    If this ethernet detection trouble is still not fixed in the Natty minimal/alternate iso tomorrow, could anyone suggest a way I could integrate the JMicron ethernet driver into the minimal/alternate natty iso? I found the driver for the JMicron MC250 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 05) here -> jme- at

    If I somehow manage to complete this integration, do you think the minimal install would then work? Has anyone had any experiences doing a minimal/command line install on the Pangolin Pan7 system?

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    Re: Natty minimal install on Pan7 (Ethernet Question)

    I tried out the Natty Minimal 64bit iso and it still doesn't recognize my ethernet while booting. Any ideas on how to integrate the JMicron driver into the minimal iso? Thanks!

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