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Thread: clock panel applet appears off-screen [maverick beta]

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    clock panel applet appears off-screen [maverick beta]

    [Maverick beta] When I click on the clock panel applet, it appears off the screen to the top (only the lower portion visible). Anyone else seeing poor positioning of this date/time/location window?

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    Re: clock panel applet appears off-screen [maverick beta]

    Yes. For a discussion and work-around, see

    If you want to use the "Place Windows" plugin (one of the work-arounds), install the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

    If you want to switch to metacity (another work around), select System->Preferences->Appearance, then on the Visual Effects tab, select None. Then, select Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor, and navigate to Apps->Metacity->General, and check the "compositing_manager" box. Then log out and then log back in.

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