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Thread: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

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    large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    Good day all,

    On lucid 10.04 client, with debian (sid) nfs server, using nfsv4, the client machine locks up/hangs on transfer of large files ~GiB+ to the nfs mount.

    I am not alone, this was reported by:
    and sim.

    Same behaviour with cp or nautilus.
    No problems with scp, rsync, samba(except its super slow - no not an option)

    Read from the server seems ok.

    With the mouse free to move and everything else stuck I thought this could be the nic module or interrupts or something. Loading the module with debug enabled showed nothing.

    The client machine is Dell XPS M1710 with:
    Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet adaptor.
    (so using wired in case you ask), standard mtu, connecting through a fast ethernet switch to via epia-en server, nic:
    VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6120/VT6121/VT6122 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

    NFS is mounted as (from fstab)
    Code:					/media/minihaha nfs4	noauto,users,rw,hard,intr 0 	0
    and exported as (/etc/exports)
    Given the range of machines that this is occuring on, I doubt it is one nic. It may be a gigabit thing...

    Can we amass the user experience here and see if there are any common factors.

    Other than that, what commands etc. can I do to really log what is going on to try and determine what is causing this.

    The weird thing is it doesnt happen straight away, it takes a finite (~40s) ammount of time, which I assume is why noone notices for small files. So there could be a buffer or somthing that get full...
    Anyway, help and collaboration would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    The configurations with trouble are:

    dist: Lucid,
    nic: ath5k, wireless

    nic: atl1c, "Atheros Communications AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet"
    nfs server: debian 5.0

    dist: karmic
    arch: 64bit (32bit fine aparently)

    I am:
    dist: Lucid
    arch: 64bit
    nic: tg3, Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet
    nfs server: debian (sid) (NFS V4)

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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I've been experiencing this problem as well. NFS uploads to a Freenas seem to lockup the ubuntu systems (graphically and sometimes ssh) and cause transfer speeds to slow down dramatically or stop altogether.

    A desktop and mythbuntu system that are both gigabit wired to the Freenas exhibit these symptoms. A laptop with a wireless g connection does not seem to show these symptoms (or I am too lazy to transfer a large file at g-speeds). All systems including Freenas have different nic cards/drivers.

    I have noticed that transferring to the nas causes a spikey graph over gigabit while the wireless seems to be a pretty constant throughput (wireless is much slower, so makes sense). I could blame it on Freenas or hardware but 1.) a reboot of the uploading machine doesn't break any of the nas's functions or subsequent connections, it keeps chugging along like nothing ever happened for the rest of the systems 2.) someone has the same problem using openfiler.

    I've never had a problem with downloads, and none of the logs seem to show any signs; however, I have experienced a dmesg "task X blocked for more than 120 seconds." as jeebustrain. I believe I have only seen this on the mythbuntu system, but it only seems to bork the systems lirc usb remote until a reboot.

    I recently upgraded the Freenas to the latest nightly build, and the problem still occurs. These symptoms were present in many kernels under 9.10 and seems to have gotten worse in 10.04. On 9.10 I could transfer a few 100 gigs to the nas no problem and it would occasionally lock up. Now, it seems like it happens on many 600+ meg files.

    Other than specific hardware, I'm not sure if there is much more to say that hasn't been covered in the other threads you linked. I hope we can get this figured out. This is pretty killer for the mythtv box because many auto transcodes/exports to the nas of 40+ minute shows (with commercials cut) seem to be locking the system causing recordings to not take place or mythwelcome to not function. This is only the transfer too as the transcoding is done on the local hdd.

    Anyway, long post, but a big problem!
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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I am experiencing the same effect on my test setup at work, where even a 700mb ISO brings NFS and Nautilus to a screeching halt for 5-45 seconds then resumes as if nothing happened. Both client and server are 10.04.

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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    Can I confirm that ALL the above problems are with Gigabit NIC's
    I hae a 10/100 switch.

    Where to from here? a bug report maybee, but if _anyone_ out there has another distro handy, can they check this out, so <other distro> -> deb/ubuntu nfs server, with gigabit, and without. So as to determine wherther this is a Deb/Ubuntu issue or something for upstream

    Then, is this an nfs bug or a kernel bug, if kernel, what part, certainly not the nic driver.

    *when* I get some of the stack of broken laptops working I can try fast-ethernet. But at this stage it looks like gigabit is the issue.

    Other transfers dont seem to do this, then again, most others are much slower (aka samba, scp)

    This is pretty killer for any home network, cant believe more people do not experience this... what is it with our setups?

    NFS version? I use 4 on the server.

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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I'm having the same kind of problems with an unresponsive/semi-frozen system doing a large copy (50 files/147 Gb) from a local Lucid ext4 HD connected with a gigabit ethernet nic on a 10/100 switch to an NFS share on another Lucid box (ext4) with gigabit ethernet.

    I say it's semi-frozen because it's still working according to the system monitor which updates every few minutes, but I can't really do anything else on the box because it's soooo slooooow.

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