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Thread: laptop pre-installed with ubuntu

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    laptop pre-installed with ubuntu

    Hi folks,
    i'm trying to convert a friend who plans to buy a new laptop, to ubuntu. he doesn't want any fiddling with it himself, and am wondering is anyone selling laptops with ubuntu or other linux pre-installed.
    I've googled this a little bit. sell plenty of tiny laptops with 10" screens. And there is a post on this forum about Dell not actually selling ubuntu computers here despite their adds.
    A list of the most linux happy computers could be quite useful to people who don't want to risk certain drivers not loading.

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    Re: laptop pre-installed with ubuntu

    It's hard enough to get a "full-sized" laptop with Linux pre-installed, but many netbooks have it. The Toshiba NB100 (8.9" screen), for example, is available in Ireland (including on Elara), and has Ubuntu Netbook Remix pre-installed on one model (Windows on the other).

    You might also check out where you can look up individual machines and how well they work with Ubuntu.

    Hope that's some help.

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    Re: laptop pre-installed with ubuntu

    thanks for that. it should be quite helpful.


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