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Thread: Focus groups

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    Thumbs up Focus groups

    It looks like we are considering "Focus Groups". At this point the idea is to recruit group leaders so that these areas can be further developed.


    These groups are somewhat artificial and are NOT intended to sub-divide the Beginners Team.

    We are discussing 4 possibly 5 areas of focus :
    1. ABT
    2. IRC
    3. Launchpad team
    4. nun ~ AKA New User Network * THIS IS VERY PRELIMINARY
    5. wik

    We are taking volunteers for leaders of each focus group. If you would like to be considered please post on this thread with a brief description of why you would like to focus on your particular "task".

    Note: I would ask that these positions go to more experienced team members and assume that as team lead you are willing to put in dedicated time each week on your area of focus.

    I reserve veto power over applications, but assuming I do not veto an application the plan is to elect focus leads at the next meeting.

    *If you can not make the meeting, but wish to cast a vote for team lead, PM bodhi.zazen AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the meeting
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    Re: Focus groups

    Mehp, As you already know, I'm throwing my hat in for "leader" of the launchpad division, mainly because I sort of already am, and have a good amount of experience with launchpad, being the one who proposed it an all that. I'm never that good at applying for things, I always feel like I overtalk myself! But that aside, I think I would do well taking the wheel on this one, as you already know I try to stay fairly active in the group. Plus I already do all of these things on launchpad, now it's just becoming official. =]

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    Re: Focus groups

    I am happy to 'lead' the IRC (nothlit is also interested i believe in IRC, however he is not very active on the forums but is on IRC) or wiki groups. i am quite active in IRC and for wiki's i just want to help out beginners by giving them something to guide them on there way to success other than using the forums. Also if no-one else is volunteering for forums i can do that too although bodhizazen you will probably head this (or not since you have veto power, i don't know) basically i am just willing to help where i am needed.
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    Re: Focus groups

    I would be more than happy to volunteer for the forums team lead, however if someone else wants it don't count me as a contender . I am certainly happy just being a footsoldier on this fine team.
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    Focus groups

    General IRC/Wiki
    I'd like to guide our Wiki work into being more beginner friendly, and approach it from an OS transition standpoint. I'd love to work on both areas in general, would not mind collaborating with another user.

    Imo NUN, not a focus, but the Classroom might be, also an E-Classroom (interactive site) may be interesting. This may fall under IRC, or may Fall under a strong subtopic with another leader, or a completely different focus on its own.

    It may be that general leaders that have equal power over all aspects but may work on specific ones more may be a more advantageous setup, btw.

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    Re: Focus groups

    I'm not experienced enough to lead a focus group but I would be willing to help someone out, kind of like a back up if they have to go away on vacation or are gone for a while or whatever.


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