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    Re: anything like adobe lightroom?

    I'm not familiar with Lightroom, but I do my Raw processing using UFRaw attached to Gimp.
  2. Feeling pleased with myself :) Dual boot memory stick

    I've managed to make a 16Gb memory stick dual boot with XUbuntu and EdUbuntu.

    I followed the thread HOW TO Avoid Wubi & Install Ubuntu on USB Drive and used LiLiUSB.

    The XUbuntu was because I...
  3. Re: Ubuntu project for youngsters during the summer

    Thanks to all who replied.

    Edubuntu seems a good idea, I'll try it out first.
    Not so sure about making the boxes dual boot, as one of the assurances I will give the donors of the computers is...
  4. Ubuntu project for youngsters during the summer


    Hope this is a appropriate forum.

    I am a volunteer at a charity for young people in the UK.
    I am thinking of holding a workshop type events day for some youngsters during the summer. What...
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