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  1. [UbuntuGnome] Ubuntu 18.04 unable send or receive files via bluetooth

    Hi Friends!
    I've just upgraded Ubuntu-Gnome from 16.04 to 18.04,
    now I've realized that is not possible send files from my android phone to my linux-box trough Bluetooth.

    This is my hardware:
  2. Re: HDMI Daewoo TV 32' lcd DLT-32H1 sinc issue

    I've found that playing a video with audio content, the television show correctly, withouth flashing.
    Running xrandr in this scenario:

    Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 1920 x 1080,...
  3. HDMI Daewoo TV 32' lcd DLT-32H1 sinc issue

    Hi Friends!
    I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.15.0-33-generic #36~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP. on HP Pavilion laptop.
    This is my hardware listed by lspci:

    00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device...
  4. [gnome] Re: How read full notify on Ubuntu 16.04 and Gnome shell 3.20.4

    ..but if someone should read now (and not in the next years) the complete message, what can do it?
    From shell, no chances?

    Thanks again!
  5. [gnome] How read full notify on Ubuntu 16.04 and Gnome shell 3.20.4

    Hi Friends,
    I would like to read the fully notify message but unfortunately Gnome Shell shows only a piece of the information/notify.
    Iíve try moving over the cursor, clicking on the notify (over...
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    [gnome] Re: pppoe and via cable unmanaged

    ..I've found a simple "workaround":

    I commented on /etc/network/interfaces:

    #auto dsl-provider
    #iface dsl-provider inet ppp
    #pre-up /bin/ip link set enx000ec6a172e7 up # line maintained...
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    [gnome] pppoe and via cable unmanaged

    Hi Friends,
    I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome edition for my laptop.
    Last day, I've installed pppoeconf and added a new pppoe connection for a work network connection, and all works fine.
    Today, at...
  8. Re: Laptop: Gnome desktop no option for suspend/hibernate on critical battery level

    Hi Friends and thanks for your kind help!
    But my question is: why automatically the laptop desn't shout down or hibernate or suspend on critical level battery? It simply go down immediately!
    And no...
  9. Laptop: Gnome desktop no option for suspend/hibernate on critical battery level

    Hi Friends,
    using Ubuntu 16.04 and GNOME Shell 3.18.5, on the control panel I've not the option to set if supend or hibernate the laptop on critical battery level.
    And so happens that when the...
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    Hibernation problem on HP Pavilion X360

    Hi friends,
    my laptop Pavilion X360, suspend fine, but if I try to hibernate, all seem to work fine but at the and of resuming the computer freeze totally, and only an hard reboot can unlock the...
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    What syncs Shotwell?

    Hi Friends,
    I would like a clarification, if possible, on Shotwell usage:

    connecting an Android smartphone as MTP, Shotwell sync and download all the images it finds on Android device (internal...
  12. File device property pie chart Gnome 3.20.4

    Hi friends,
    using Ubuntu 16.04 and Gnome Shell 3.20.4, how is it possible to show the pie chart with disk usage percentage when I click, on File, with the right mouse button on the usb device? Now...
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    Re: Ubiquity not create user

    Hello Bradley,

    I am in your same situation, with my own Ubuntu Gnome remix, Xenial based (for the previous Trusty based, the user creation works fine, but here I've used only JLivecd..)

  14. Editing custom Xenial iso by Isomaster make it unbootable

    Hi friends,
    I'm building my custom Ubuntu live iso, from Ubuntu Xenial Gnome.
    For build I do help by JLivecd and Cubic, and each work really well.
    And now, my question is:

    using Isomaster for...
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    Cursor mouse change over java applications

    Hi friends,
    I've a question, non very serious, but unlikable :-)
    On Ubuntu 14.04 and Gnome Shell 3.12 I'm using a custom xorg mouse cursor named "Chameleon".
    All works fine, except if I go over...
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    [UbuntuGnome] System freeze if no actions

    Hi friends,
    using Ubuntu 14.04, and Gnome Shell 3.12,
    if for example I leave the my computer station, and after an hour come back, I often find the computer blocked completely. No caps lock, no...
  17. creating gnome ubuntu live distro: "GDM and user authentication failure"

    Hi friends,
    I'm building a custom live Ubuntu Gnome 3.12.2 based,
    **Only** if I create a new user, set password and add him to sudo group,

    setting by dpkg-reconfigure, GDM ad default greeter,...
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    [gnome] user view prevent of hidden files

    Hi friends,
    is it possible for "File" (ex Nautilus) on GNOME Shell 3.x prevent for a single user the hidden files view?
    I want to prevent for a simple user the ability to enable the hidden file,...
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    HP Photosmart Plus B209a-m wifi scanner

    Hi friends,
    is it possible to scan from wifi with HP Photosmart Plus B209a-m?
    Could you suggest a wiki or tutorial to help me for configure it?

    many thanks!
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    UCK resume building live from chroot stage

    Hi friends, using UCK (Ubuntu Cutomization Kit) is it possibile to resume a building stage (chroot) if for some reason the process is interrupted? For example, if while updating packages computer...
  21. Re: Nautilus customize mount actions for each one device

    Many thanks redrumrogue,
    but my question was different:how add a hidden file in the root of the mass storage device for customize nautilus behavior.

  22. Re: Nautilus customize mount actions for each one device

    Yes, i mean to set the default application start on automount for each devices.

  23. Nautilus customize mount actions for each one device

    Hi friends,
    I've read some time ago, that is possible to customize the nautilus behavior for each mass device connected.
    If I remember correctly, it was enough to add a hidden file in the root of...
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    plymouth only text

    hi friends,
    I've started and installed ubuntu 14.04 using the option "xforcevesa" (graphical plymouth was start, but there was some problem for gdm3)

    Now, to the installed system, all works fine...
  25. Gnome Shell 3.10.4 (Ubuntu GNOME) wrong DPI size

    Hi friends,
    I've just installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 on asus eepc.
    The monitor is a 15" wide screen with resolution 1360x768 pixels (359x203 millimeters).
    Now happen that every icons and above...
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