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    [SOLVED] Re: Multitouch support for Laptop Touchpad

    Is it fair to mark this topic as solved? As far as I understood, the issue of not having the multitouch remained, don't it? Well, I am facing the same issue with my touchpad, here are some specs:
  2. Re: Bluetooth mouse stops to work after random time Ubuntu 13.04 on laptop

    Guys just I would like to add I have the very same issue with a multilaser bluetooth mouse, I am also following your discussion, but so far couldn't find an answer either. Oh, and I get the very same...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows Mobile Sync in VirtualBox

    I don't know if this can help you, but you can sync your WM6.1 with ubuntu using SynCE. It works properly with my Motorola Q11, and I can say that it was easy to configure.
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    [ubuntu] envyng messed up my karmic

    I wasn`t happy with my video behavior and i decided to install ATI drivers by using envyng. When i did it not only it didn`t work, but i couldn`t go back on my previous configuration.
    I am a...
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