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    [ubuntu] Re: Kernel Panic with new RAM

    BIOS looks good.
    Tried 86+, ran it for a few hours.

    Debian, Zorin, Ubuntu Mate, & Steam OS all work fine. Vanilla is the only one having the issue.
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    [ubuntu] Kernel Panic with new RAM


    Today i received new RAM for my desktop and put it in. Ubuntu 16.04 would not boot. It went into a "kernel Panic" state.

    I swapped out the HDD for a backup that had Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on...
  3. Re: agree or disagree w/ pros and cons at distrowatch about Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is pretty compatible with a lot of Debian packages. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    As for the comparisons, Elementary and Mint are both great to run, but all of the...
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    Re: Project: A trustworthy Ubuntu pen drive

    I think Puppy is probably the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do. It is pretty much made to run from Flash Drives. I think you can even run it from a DVD and use the DVD to save...
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    Re: Advice needed to setup drives

    My thoughts exactly. The most important thing is for your data to be backed up. Unless your primary storage area and backup drive fail simultaneously, you will not lose data if one or the other fails.
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    Re: BEST ubuntu games coming in 2016

    I am certainly excited about some of the new offerings. Issue for me has never been Linux, but rather the constraints of my hardware.
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    [other] Re: HOWTO: VinDSL Conky Script

    Hi All!

    Could somebody point me in the right direction as to where would be the best place where I can see step by step instructions (an example) for customizing Conky? Some of the stuff I read...
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    Re: Thunderbird willnot download new messages

    Is it possible that a setting within TB is preventing you from DLing new messages?
  9. Thread: Long format

    by autocrat

    [ubuntu] Re: Long format
    HD vendors often label in decimal, whereas Linux reads in Binary.
  10. Re: The coffees are on me. No! you cannot have a muffin...

    at ~70 beans a cup, I think that works out to around 28 cups. More than enough for several late nights of playing around with linux :D
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    Re: CUPS SAMBA Printer Driver Problem

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Good gaming laptop under $550-ish?

    I did a quick read of the laptops on that list. I really would not recommend them for gaming at all. I think some of them may have a bit of difficulty even with middle of the road games.

    @ If it...
  13. Re: Desktop that auto hides the system taskbar

    right click > Properties > auto-hide
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Ralink RT5390R drops connection, Ubuntu 16.04.1

    Is the firmware up to date?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Installed 16.04, wifi will not connect

    Can you give us some more details?
    - Can you see wifi networks but it wont connect?
    - Can you not see any wifi interface at all?
    - What do you see when you open up the network manager?

  16. Poll: Re: Share with us your Xenial (16.04) Upgrade and Installation Experiences

    This was probably the most difficult Linux install I have done in quite a while. The installer had a hard time with my Hard Drives, but in the end it worked out. I must have gotten half a dozen...
  17. Re: Computer suddenly shuts down while doing specific things

    It could be an issue with the GPU. Did it work prior to playing with the drivers?
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Kernel boot over 90 seconds

    I did a bit of web browsing. Seems the MB should be okay with Ubuntu. Is the firmware up to date on it?
  19. Re: So glad to be Windows free (sortof) again!

    W10 was really starting to bug me. Using Ubuntu full time relieved a lot of the anxiety I had about making the switch. In the end, ripping off the band aid and doing it made everything better :)
  20. Re: How do I get my Ubuntu 14.04 to recognize an external drive

    Can you see anything with

  21. Re: Trouble w AMD Catalyst proprietary driver

    Maybe I am reading this wrong, but 16.04 does not look supported.
  22. Re: articles upselling moving from windows 10 to Linux

    I think for people who are new to Linux, Mate can really smooth over the transition. It really goes out of its way to provide an environment that is very simple to navigate.
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    Re: Ubuntu Gaming Build

    check out:
    this will let you mix and match parts to determine a price and what specifications you can achieve at your price point. Unfortunately determining what hardware...
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